PeriBuddy is the most powerful app developed for managing Peritoneal Dialysis.

Imagine an app that can help you track, monitor and allow access to your peritoneal dialysis treatment in your palms.

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What does the PeriBuddy App do for Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis:

Read Testimonials Submitted by Our Users

  • Simon N.

    The app is very easy to use! I wake up in the morning with 'end of therapy' on my cycler and I pickup my smartphone and I start entering my treatment info for the day. Great App!

    Simon N.
  • Jason H.

    This app helps me alot in managing my PD treatment. Before that, I have to record everything on paper charts, now I use my cellphone to store it!

    Jason H.
  • John R

    Thanks for creating this app. My doctor now will know if I have problems with my PD treatment without me needing to see her!

    John R

PeriBuddy is the most powerful and intuitive app developed for managing Peritoneal Dialysis. You will be able to store, track and monitor your Peritoneal Dialysis treatment. You can also share your treatment data securely with your doctor and treatment team. For doctors and caregivers, it allows you to monitor and track your patient's Peritoneal Dialysis treatment whenever you need to.